PalmOS for Newton


Fark Lover
I remember a while back someone working on a version of PalmOS for Newton. Possibly a slimware emulation project. Does anyone else remember this? Any ideas if this ever got off the ground?
There is graffiti for the Newton, but I never ever heard of the PalmOS for teh newton... are you sure ?
Well, you know how people talk about vaporware. I figured it might have just been that - a company with big plans never delivers. I might just be thinking of GNUton - the Mac OS Newton emulator, but I could have sworn someone was promising to make it happen.

If anyone has, that would certainly extend the life of Newton OS! doesnt have a newton emulator :)

There are 2 things available at (I think).
* Poor man's newton
* GNUton (I think its linux only)