Panic from a novice..


Hi I am very new to Macs & their systems.. and have recetly upgraded my mac to Tiger 10.4.1 - and was under the impression that my version of Norton won't work..

I recently sent an email to a friend (a PC user) who has norton installed, the email contained a link I pasted from the address of a webpage.. when they opened the link they were given a warning that there was a trojan horse.. (which I believe is a virus of some kind?)

What do I do? I'm a complete newbie ...

Any help would be SO appreciated.. I dont even know if I posted this in the right place.. (I'm not very technical minded).
You won't need Norton on your Mac since there are still no viruses out for OS X.

Well and for the rest? Maybe the site was a source of a trojan horse. Who knows. But that is not related to your Mac, it was the website.

Well, if you wrote the email from scratch in your mail application, the trojan was definitely on the web page, and didn't come from you, unless you attached an infected file to your email.

If, however, you forwarded an email from someone else, the trojan might very well have been in an attachment in the email you sent.

You don't need anti virus applications to protect yourself (yet) when you use Mac OS X, but you might have a use for it to protect your friends who use Windows. If you receive an email with an infected attachment, the infection will still be there when you forward it to your friends, and their computers will "catch" the virus...

A better approach than having anti virus software on your desktop, would be to have your email account on a server with built in virus protection. Check with your ISP to see if they provide it.