Panther gone Weird-ish...


Hi, Lately and right now Panther (10.3.9) has being becoming abit unstable. I haven't done permissions lately probly a couple weeks ago was my last time. But recently watching activity monitor the SystemUI server has been becoming Hung. So i relaunch it because basically a program yesterday it was itunes and today it was word become not responding. Basically same thing with yesterday after all the efforts of force quiting and quiting from activity monitor the program will not quit without me resulting in shutting down. At the moment Finder isnt even responding because i had to relaunch it but im still recieving great performance. Its really weird please someone help ... Thanks .. :)
My suggestion is to repair permissions. Repeat this step as long as no error is reported anymore. If that didn't help, test a new user account.
Well i did permisions and its still happening zammy, and the uiserver is still hung. But i realllllyyyy dont feel like setting up a new account i guess as long as it doesn't stuff up it should be okay but is the systemui server somethign serious well obvsioly it stands for user interface i guess ?? Sorry but thanks !