Panther Server - can't add mount point


Hi all

I'm new to panther server. I'm loggin into the machine as root.

I then run workgroup mgr and login as root - get in fine.

It says i'm authenticated to LDAVv3/
which is the Ip of the server.

Now i'm trying to automount user home directories. So i go to user sharing all works well until i try to add a mount point.

Then it tells me that the user name or password is wrong. I'm using root.

So i go to users and create a user. Give them the administer server and administer directory ticks. Try loggin in as them - same thing.

Only other thing i've tried is doing a repair permissions from the OS and rebooting - no joy.
You really shouldn't be loggin in as root. When you created your Open Directory, you created a diradmin account and password that's used pretty exclusively for administering your LDAP (Open Directory).

Also, if your logging in via WGM, you should be connecting to the server at the launch of the application and then using the LDAPv3/, which is the local LDAP node to that specific OD server...provided you logged into that machine to start. :)