parallel port


Holla Mac fanatics.

I am relatively new to OSX.
Long time Mac user(remember the SE)
and had a an old iMac running OS9.2.
Had a iDock attached to it and things worked

Recently got an eMac and plopped it down on
that iDock. Figured I'd try it for grins. It works
great. Did not have to add any extra drivers.
I have my trackball, USB Zipdrive, LS120, and
Epson 3000 all plugged into it.

What I was wondering about was the parallel port
on the iDock. Can I plug an external device, in this
case my old hard drive from bondi blue, into that
port. The old Mac does not run anymore and I have
an enclousre for external hard drive that plugs
into the parallel/printer port of a PC.

I'd like to recover files from the old hard drive
and only option is to find a G3 at school and swap
out the internal HD with mine.
Looks like a parallel port but I think it is a SCSI port. If I'm right, then, yes that's for an external drive.
Don't think it's a SCSI port.
Went to Compucable web site read all I could find on the iDocks.
Claims NO support for OSX. Also said that the USB hub part of the
iDocks should work work.
The USB does work fine with the native OSX drivers.(10.3.9)

It warned to NOT plug SCSI into that DB25 connector
Would not help anyway. Thought all these Apples used ATI now....
Old iMac did.
Mac parallel ports are not the same as PC parallel ports...

I've never heard of a parallel port hard drive. That does not sound right.

To me it also sounds like a SCSI.
Hey all.

The "parallel port" hard drive is an external disk
enclosure, for PC, that houses an ATA drive.
I used it a few times at work, access speed was
good. Of course, you had to load the drivers for
it and you could not print.

Since Apple and PC parallel ports are not the same,
the plan to use that enclosure is shot.
Guess I'll have to find an external hard drive enclosure
that connects via USB or FireWire.

Gotta get files off that old HD.
Back to your original idea... You could always install this ATA drive inside a G3 or other tower machine...

...and then connect it to your eMac using a firewire cable with the G3 in "target disk mode".
Hey Tom,

Yeah, that is a good idea except for one thing,
the G3 is at work and my eMac is at home.
Don't have hi speed internet, too poor.
Lab doesn't have andy cool USB or FireWire disks
I could use there to dump it.
(old beige G3 doesn't have ports for either---duh, brainfade :confused: )

That was why I wanted to hook the old hard drive
up to my eMac directly and dump the files off.
Saw a USB2.0 hard disk enclosure on for $10!
Checking into that.