Parallel print server


I'm considering buying one of those print servers that plugs directly into the parallel port. Specifically, I'm looking at the Hawking Tech HPS1PCU. One potential problem though - they claim that it will only work with OS X if it's a PostScript printer. My printer, an HP LaserJet 6L, does not have PostScript. But will it really not work? Does anyone have any experience with parallel port print servers?
My reading to the specs tell me that the print server does not explicitly support MacOS X. The literature says MacOS, which you know as MacOS 9. Presumeably, it would work with MacOS X over TCP/IP. Quite frankly, if you want to use that printer, I recommend that you look into HP print servers.
It's not that I really, really like using that printer, it's just that I'm on a very tight budget and that's the printer I have. The only way I can print at home is through that printer, which is currently hooked up to my PC. Poetically, my PC is dying, forcing me to start using my Mac full-time. But I need a print server to be able to print without the PC. The HPS1P has a rebate right now so that the final price is only $20. Can't beat that. In fact, I'm getting it anyway and I'll post on the forum if I have any luck or not. If not, I'll return it.

FYI, CompUSA is also selling the USB version (HPS1U) of this print server for $20 after rebate - only until Friday, 8/26!

I know there are USB Mac-friendly printers for less than $100, but I like having a laser printer and those are still more expensive. If this $20 print server works, that's a great reason to hang on to legacy printers that still work fine. HP does not make any print servers that are cheaper than buying a new printer.
Sweet, I got it to work. Here's how I did it, for future forum reference:

Under Print & Fax in System Preferences, click on the + button

Click on IP Printer at the top

Protocol is Line Printer Daemon - LPD

Address is (I don't know if this is the same for everyone, but that's what it was by default for me. All I did was plug the thing into my printer and plug in the power cord. I found the IP by looking at devices that are connected to my router.)

Queue is lpt1, per gsahli's instructions above. (it will subsequently rename itself to whatever you name the printer)

Name is whatever you want (I'd recommend the model name/number of your printer)

Location is, just as the address field above.

Print Using whatever driver you can find that's close to your printer. In my case, I used LaserJet 6 series - Gimp-Print v5.0.0-beta2.

The Gimp drivers are a last resort, and I can see why. As I complained in an earlier post, the quality of the printing looks only injet-quality even though it's a laser printer. My next adventure will be finding better a print driver.