Parallels Desktop (was Parallels Workstation) review/interview...


I certainly use Parallels on a near-daily basis. It's just as discussed in the interview you've posted on blogspot - it is a huge productivity boost. One of the things I do for work is maintain/build on a WinPE-based tools disc (I work in a test-lab environment that is 98% Windows-only). With Parallels, I can build/test my WinPE tools disc on my MacBook exclusively. It used to be that I used a Windows machine with VMWare out in the lab somewhere, but it's so much faster/cleaner to work locally on my Mac. Handy too, when I'm at the local coffee-shop and their wireless net connectivity has flaked out again (so I can't remote into work) to be able to build/test locally. Not to mention Win-only apps that I can use nearly seamlessly on my MacBook.

I just noticed that your post is just over 2 weeks old and I'm the first respondant (first post!), but I've been loving this thing so much I had to reply... :)


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Thx. :) I wondered a bit. Seems the interest in running Windows side-by-side is relatively low. Guess they're all about games, really, and Parallels is not really about that. ;) Now on to testing Codeweavers' solution...