Parallels help...


hey, im trying to set up Parallels on my MacBook, but i dont have a installation disk for windows XP or any other OS.... is there a way i can get Windows on here without having a disk?


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
You'd need to purchase a retail or OEM copy of Windows for the virtual machine in Parallels. Any other way would be against the board rules here.

Make sure that it's at least Service Pack 2 if it's going to be Windows XP.


nixbeek: Are you sure about Service Pack 2? At least for VMWare Fusion I could install WIndows XP with no SPs.

And speaking of Fusion: you can download images from VMWare's website for several OSs with different programs already installed. The OSs are frees (Linux etc.), but they are fine if you like to check different OSs, new betas etc.