Partition is gone


hi all..

I just installed MacOSX but got a problem:
I have 3 partitions on my G3. One for System/apps, one for audio files and one for other stuff. On the last one I installed macosX. The one for audio was formated macos standard the other 2 extended. The installation went fine (and MacOSX was working fine) untill I restarted under macos9...the audio partition(containing all my music and mp3's ) was gone :( but under MacOSX it is visible and all the songs/mp3's are there.

what the hell...somebody knows what's going on and how to fix it?

I installed the public beta.

Go to Alsoft's website ( and download the utility they have their called "Fix Invisible"or somesuch. It's a fairly common bug in the PB...

I also had luck just by lauching Disk First Aid and asking it to scan the disk; when I quit, it was visible again. Odd, but there was no data loss...