Partitioning second drive for OSX


G4/400agp/Master drive+Maxtor40gig===I have a Maxtor drive onto which I have partitioned 10gigs for OSX and 30 for media, mp3 etc etc files. Id like to know if its ok to install OSX on that 10 since it is a secondary drive and not the main drive on the computer. When I did install the original OSX release everthing would be fine for about two startups then I lost any entry into the OSX. I would get the blue screen the splash OSX box then nothing. Ive posted various questions in various forums but I always get a response telling me to check the master drive and partition that. Is the master drive the drive that came with the g4 or can I make the pins on the Maxtor drive change to make it a master. Id like to keep the Quantum drive which is the original drive that came with my g4 the main drive and use osx on the second drive which is the Maxtor. Thanks in advance for the advice....