Hello all,

I'm a bit new to the Mac, but I am a very experienced Unix and WinTel admin.

FWIW, the combo of the new iBooks and OS/X beta got me to finally dive in a try a mac out. So far, I'm having fun with the iBook and the mac OS, but I hate the way the delete key works :)

On to the question. I purchased a new iBook SE, it is the 466, w/ 128mb RAM. I want to create a partition for OS/X, and I don't want to rebuild my current OS/9 install. How does one go about this on a Mac?

Also, what are the specifics of the dual booting between os/9 and os/X? I require os/9 for NT connectivity and my AirPort. I just want to be sure I can switch back and forth between the two OS's while waiting for drivers and such for OS/X.

rumors tell that the partition magic can be done without initzializing the disk in the process, but I have yet to see it done. so, no it's not possible to partition your disk without erasing everything. sorry.

to switch between the OS's is easy, if you use OSX most of the time, simply holding down option/alt at startup will boot OS9. if you, however use mainly OS9 you have to use the startup disk utility found in the Mac OS 9 folder on your Mac OS X partition. Select OS X Public Beta and restart. next time you want to boot into OS9 hold down option/alt and remember to set OS9 as your default OS with the startup disk utility.

note that if you restart OSX and hold down option it will still boot OSX. you have to shut down the system first, the start with option held down. why? it's anybody's guess...