Party of three?


Different, I think...
When I run the 'who' command I get this:
[h40n1fls31o973:~] kristjan% who 
kristjan console  Oct 29 19:34 
kristjan ttyp1    Oct 30 18:27 
kristjan ttyp2    Oct 23 14:54
Which one of these am I? I guess one is 'me' logged into Aqua, and another one is 'me' logged in thru the Terminal, but who's the third? Is there anyway to kill a user?
could be you closed a terminal without exiting. sometimes that leaves a corpse of you.

yes, you can kill users. :) make a terminal window big and type 'ps -axu' ... you should see the tasks, their idle time and the like. then you can 'kill -9 xxx' where xxx is the PID number of the task.

but you might just as well let the corpse lie around. it'll vanish after a reboot anyway and should after a relogin.
You can see "who" you are by typing "w" or "finger"'ll be obvious. As far as the "phantom" users, I get that too. They won't disappear when logging out and back in, and I don't reboot (although I'm dying to try iTunes2). :D

"w" output:

[level9:~] level9% w
1:32PM up 9 days, 12:26, 4 users, load averages: 0.14, 0.35, 0.32
level9 co - Thu02AM 9days -
level9 p1 - Sun07PM 0 -
level9 p2 - Sat08PM 2:01 -
level9 p5 - 21Oct01 8days -

When I ssh from work to home, most of the time it'll pick up one of the "idle" tty's, sometimes when I exit it'll kill them off. I can't actually find a way of disconnecting another user, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.
As a note, its better to use kill -15 instead of -9 if the process is not hung, locked, or zombied. -15 is the normal exit signal, while -9 is the 'Don't give me no jive' kill signal.

Also its sometimes easier to use 'killall' instead of kill.