Passing Audio input to output


Hi all,

This is probably a silly question, but I was wandering if it was possible to pass audio from the line-in on a MacBook Pro directly to an audio output? I was thinking of buying a PS3 and connecting it to my external monitor, and thought I may be able to play sound through my soundsticks rather than buying more speakers (budget is an issue!).

I know this used to be possible in the "Audio MIDI Setup" application bundled with the system, but I can't seem to find the option in the new version (maybe something to do with aggregate devices?)

Any suggestions much appreciated!



I'm cool, I have a mac.
I did this exact thing with my PS2 because I used its digital out and converted it to analog out. I used LineIn. It works beautifully, just tell it what the source is and what the output is and your done.


Another endorsement, used an iMic for ages, decent (and cheap) bit of kit. I guess you might be able to use the line in in the MBPro but it doesn't work with all devices, hence I was using the iMic to connect a cheap skype headset that outputted via minijacks.


Thanks for the replies - I tried out LineIn with a microphone and seems to work great! Thanks! I'll wait to buy the iMic til I get a PS3, in case I can get away with just using the input on the MBP, but thank you!

Can't wait to get the stuff and give it a try now :)