Passing multiple arguments


Okay here is another one...

I am writing a little PPM(old graphic format) viewer in C++ and I have run into the following problem. First of all let me say that I just recently started using the IDE because I was unable to run any of the code I compiled at the command line from the command line. So now I use the IDE and everything was working fine until I wanted to pass my program 2 arguments. One argument was no problem using the target/Executables/Launch Arguments panel. Worked great..but when I added a second argument it just sent trash...I have checked it in the debugger. It looks like it is sending the memory location instead of the string. Now I know that it isn't the code cause i done compiled and run it on another machine(SGI Iris).. So I guess my question is two do I send multiple arguments from the IDE and how can I run my executable from the command line?

Any pointers suggestion are greatly appreciated. I also a very willing to share my code if anyone would like a look see to help me out..

Tanks.. (and cannons)