Passive ftp in Terminal


I've been trying to use CPAN in terminal and whilst it
runs, it isn't able to download anything. It tries to use
both ncft and ftp but both fail.

ncftp returns code 7.
ftp says it's an illegal port command.

I'm assuming that it's a problem with passive mode in
both, however I'm not able to turn on passive on the
command line with either.

So basically I want to compile ftp myself so that passive
is included. Can anyone tell me where I can get it?

What you need to do is first connect to a server, then as the first command you give on that server, type "passive". That works for me, with the included ftp client.

You can also use "wget --passive-ftp" or something similar (I'd have to check the man page, and I'm too lazy).

Hope this helps...