password 8 char limit


As was the case in the old OS, and in X Server, such is still the case that passwords get logically truncated after 8 characters.

UniquePass1 and UniquePass2 are interchangeable.

I've done the math, and with the old character set, there are about 200 usable characters, leaving us with (on the order of...) 2.5 quintillion unique passwords.

I'm jsut curious how others feel about this. Is this a limit that we should feel inhibited by?
It's an old eunuchs limit which manifests itself everywhere. AppleShare for example has an 8 character limit.

Personally I would rather NetInfo implement read access. Also using a hash like SHA would be preferable to crypt
I could have sworn the Solaris didn't limit me like that, but then I tried using just the first 8 characters of my now 10 character password to login to Solaris... poof, I'm in.

Stupid Unix. ;-)