Password and keyboard layout problem


When I first installed Mac OS X on my Cube, I could't log in. I tried to reinstall, to reenter my username and password, but even that didn't help.

Then I realized what was happening. When i first entered the username and password I wanted, the OS was set to use US English keyboard layout, and later in the configuration process I switched to Swedish keyboard layout.

When I entered my password to log in, it was recieved using the Swedish keyboard layout, and compared to the one I entered in English keyboard layout. Since one of the characters I used is on different places on different keyboards, it didn't match!

I made a succesful guess about where to find the special character on an English keyboard, and then it worked. :)
This is a classic. :)
Solution: Never use international characters in your password, and don't use non-letter characters you don't know where they are on an american keyboard.

There are other problems with using international characters, for example if you later try to login remotely via a non-Mac computer, they won't be the same.