Hi my name is Johnny from Sydney, after installing MacOSX and putting my info for set-up, I read so carefully that my name and password would be the administrator for my computer however i cannot make any changes to my system preferences cos my name and password is not the administrator.

I just kept getting an error message saying "I am not the administrator - invalid user - only an administrator can make changes" so now I am trap from making any changes to my computer so please if anyone out there know MacOSX Administrator default password please let me know or please give me some info on how i can be the Administrator for my computer.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much appreaciate for your assistant.
When you click on the lock icon it should have your name in the first field. If it doesn't something went wrong w/ the setup process. There is no default admin password as this would be a security risk. Since it seems that you just installed you may want to just wipe the install and reinstall. There are several posts on removing OS X if its not on its own partition.

Good luck, Sorry I can't be more helpful,