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Word is that there is an going to be a patch release from apple VERY soon. This patch is said to take the 4k78 build to the speed of some of the very high builds, as reported by some seeders. And for you 56k people out there, don't fret, it's about 4mb in size! Sounds too good to be true, but its almost here!
And i have to say, its a LOT faster. Also includes SSH. Here's my experience using 10 – 10.0.1

I have a B&W G3 350 at home w/ 384 MB of RAM - window redraws and other graphical elements of Aqua ran a lil' slow for my liking, MUCH slower than on my 450 AGP G4 Tower with 256 MB of RAM at work. Now, that's only 100 MHz difference, not much, and I also have 128 MORE MBs of RAM at home. My thought was that Aqua heavily utilized the AGP slot characteristics or the Velocity engine of the G4, or both.

With 10.0.1, the G3 is MUCH better at all these tasks, and the G4, although speedier, didn't show NEARLY the increase that my G3 did. So go figure ...

Classic is smoother, loads faster, performs better, etc etc etc.

Also, Sherlock broke under the update on the G4, even though it runs fine on the G3. I'm not too concerned about it, I can just run Sherlock through Classic.

Otherwise, this update is rock solid, and I highly reccomend it!

I need this 4L5! I cant stand how slow OSX is. I checked MacNN and checked out the threads for 4L5 but didnt see a URL. Went to apples site, no link for 4L5. Can somebody please post it? or email it to me @ . Thanks
Well the link off the MacNN forum has been taken down. I no longer have the compressed file on my system; however, I might be able to get the packages out of the reciepts folder. I will not post it on my iDisk though as Apple would terminate my iTools account if I did.
Well, if you can get it somewhere before its released, either send me a URL or send the whole file to if you could. That would be much appreciated since I would love to use OSX but cant stand the constant lagging. Thanks.
I think someone has a link to the file in the thread I started called Mac OS X 4L5.

Good luck,
Everyone should head to a ffew of the other OS X sites out there and check out the information about the OS X update. 4L5 is a pre-release internal update. It does have problems. DO NOT install this update if you don't want to have to reinstall your system when the real one comes out.
I isntalled 4l5 last night. No problems with the system. Didnt see the speed increase that I wanted though =(. Even if I have to reinstall system when the official one comes out, that wont be a problem. I dont think many people at this time are using their OSX for official stuff yet. Half the fun is testing crap and seeing what it does.
now i see that somebody out there has build 4L7 ... for heaven's sake, when will it end?! I don't have the time to scout for this stuff all over the net... well, i did for 4L5 ... but that's not the point. I think perhaps we're all just a little fanatical, and need to take a break before our entire psyche is aquafied.


I'm insane enough to install these updates, but I'm not about to search the net for the newest one. I think I'll update when 4L20 is released or the official update. Whichever comes first.
I am so going to reserve the right to laugh if any of you have to rebuild your systems in a day or two because the Official update comes out as 10.0.2 (Build 4L11) and when you click the Software update link it barfs you and your system dies... but, then again, if it turns out that the Official update is 4L5 or 4L7, then I'll happily take all the sass you can muster when you rub it in my face that you've been running the update for four days when i just get around to installing the damn thing.
Well, going from 4L5 to 4L7 didn't require any sort of reinstall or cause a system barf as you put it, and I don't really think that going to the "final" update will either, but you never know. I'll just remain optimistic, and continue my "unnoficial beta testing"