Pathetic Pismo Problems


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So I have this Pismo (PowerBook G3/Firewire) at 500MHz with 256M of RAM (original Apple RAM) and an IBM Travelstar 20G drive and an Airport card and a DVD-ROM. The only component not from Apple is the IBM Travelstar.

Under 9.2.1 the Pismo runs poifect. No problems what so ever.

But OSX just has issues. Here's the scoop:

Whether I install OSX by itself or with OS9.1 or 9.2.1 the install runs perfect. I can work in OSX for about five minutes and suddenly whatever app I'm in will crash "But the rest of the system is unaffected" Except it's not. I can't launch that app again unless i reboot b/c it'll launch and crash again. If I try to launch whever app this is four or five times, I'm greeted with the screen going blue and putting me back at the login screen.

If I reboot, I can work for five or ten minutes just fine and then it happens again.

This happens in Word 2001 under Classic, the System Preferences applet, Software Update, TextEdit, and even the dang finder (if I try to change the background picture it happens.)

The effect is the same whether I'm using OSX 10.0, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, 10.0.3, or 10.0.4.

I spent the past two days just formatting and reinstalling, trying different combinations (UFS as opposed to HFS+. OSX alone or with 9, another harddrive altogether).

This really boggles me. I had a Wallstreet before and, while OSX was very slow, it was functional. Now it's very fast, but unusable. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions/pointers? Apple's TIL's have nothing (at least that I can find) regarding this. OTher posts about the being booted to the login screen don't seem relevant b/c of the frequency and consistency of this problem.

try making one of the first apps you load. Then load a few others and see if anything odd pops up in the console.

Last resort, call the wonderfull folks at Apple.
Have you ever used 10 with the original drive? I don't think it would be the drive. Did you originally format the drive with Drive Setup? Did you update the Apple Drivers? Otherwise if you've install it so many times it could be a bug in 10.0.4. You do have 10.0.4 don't you? Some more info on what you've tried and not just installing 10 and 9. And also any periperals?
I have the 400 Mhz Pismo with the 20 gig Travelstar & 192 MB of Ram. I have not had any problems. I have 10.0.4 and 9.1 running. Did 9.2 do a rom update? I put it on an iMac DV and now shut down and power management don't run right anymore. I was thinking a ROM update might have screwed you up. I have Office 2000 and AirPort (with a base station) too. I had a problem with permissions on a excel file I created for a while, but I deleted and resetup the user. I seem to be fine now (except the loss of my mail - which still seems to be on the drive).