Pause much? I do. (Tiger prob.)


I am loving Tiger, but certain random tasks suddenly take much longer. Here are some examples that always hold up the computer (G5) for several seconds:
- saving in TextEdit
- opening in AppleWorks
- loading Photoshop

Well, I took a gander at the system log, and found that each pause was linked to an error; I don't have the message in front of me, but it mentioned CUPS. Now, I know that stands for Common Unix Printing System (OK, I looked that up, but I knew it had something to do with Unix and printing :). All signs point to something being looked for, perhaps on a network that isn't present, and then timing out. That's my guess, anyway.

I use a 1.6GHz G5, under OS 10.4.0, and I have never been on a network with it. The pause is just long enough to bring up the beachball, which isn't horribly long, but it is annoying and mysterious.