Pay for 10.1?

Is it reasonable to charge $20 for 10.1?

  • Sure it is.

  • Hell no.

  • $10 would be fair.

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I read on a news web site about how 10.1 update is likely to cost around $20. I was under the impression that it would be free. After all, they are fixing things that should have been in 10.0. They released what I considered a crippled OS. Perhaps crippled isn't the right word... incomplete seems to fit better. In anycase, I would expect CD burning and DVD playback and writing support in an OS (which should have been in 10.0), and now that they have finally gotten around to releasing this functionality we are to pay again. Here is the story link .
If I can download it from apple...then no cost should be affixed to it. If it ONLY comes on CD...then the media charge is a fair charge.

I do agree though that we shouldnt get charged because after all we are people who supported OS X since its beta days.

Then, of course, you have to include shipping $1.24 + shipping = $20.00
Oh, then pay for the packaging, and the guy creating the CD's.
It seems to be adding up quickly.

Anyway, the online version better be free!!

Oh, then the shipping box and packing tape :D
lol they are not free :p
You paid for them with your ADC membership :D

Now that I have a full time job and better income maybe I can become a paid member too and get software updates for "free" :p

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I personally would rather not pay for an update, after all, all updates to OS's should be free.

But, if the rumors are true about the speed boost (and if its true about it using Altivec) then i think that a measilly $20 isnt a life's worth for the people that paid full price for 10.0
You can download the update for free, but if you want to get the CD, "the 10.1 upgrade to OS X owners for free, but Apple will charge about $20 for shipping and handling. " They always screw you on the shipping...they being everyone who has ever shipped anything to anyone, not just Apple...thought I had to clear that up for some of our...err..."challenged" members.:D
I kinda doubt Apple will release 10.1 as a download given that it is going to be a 450 meg update (yes, almost EVERYTHING in the OS has changed so it will be huge!). Where did you get that info, scope?
i think if the update package comes with updated versions of all 3 cd's - os x, os 9.x and the dev tools - then $20 is certainly more than fair.

apple has done the $20 thing for just about every "free"'s the standard apple-up-to-date fee.

but now, all these rumours of being able to take your up-to-date coupon and a cdr to a dealer and get a copy burned for you is interesting...good idea.
If it does every thing they say it does. My $20 has been sitting here since MWNY. I just wish I had the disk and not the $20 right now. If they don't hurry it up, I won't have any pockets left!



I am a newbie: Can anyone tell me what ADC stands for? If they give away free updates I want to become a member, too ;-)

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ADC stands for Apple Developer connection.

there are several "packages" like
the online package : Free but limited
Primier : The works, your have to pay though
select: a step down from premier, still have to pay
seeding: you have to sign agreements to receive beta software