PB 17" or 15" - Which Did You Choose?


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Obviously cost is a major factor. Costs aside (if that where possible)... which would you choose? Did you choose a 15 and wish you had went 17? Did you choose 17 and wish you went 15?

Just wondering what folks experience is in that area. My father-in-law just bought a 17" Powerbook... I sometimes wonder if they are too big for true portability. But I suppose it is how you use it.
17 inch-> It is a bit big when you first have it, and it is big when you carry it around, but once you open it up and use it (lap or desk) the extra real-estate is definitly worth it.

The 15 inch seems small comparativly, and the 12 inch is microscopic.
Well, I chose a 15" because the 12" of the iBook I had before just didn't seem enough (for me) to get any work done ... on the other hand I carry it around _a lot_, so the 17" seemed a little large.

There are many factors to take into consideration, including what you are used to. After working on the 12" iBook, my 15" PB seemed huge. Now that I've got a 21" TFT at home, the PB seems very small, like: barely enough.


(If you aren't already using DesktopManager for virtual desktops - that's a great way to simulate more space.)
Actually, cost wasn't an issue for me. I looked at the features.
And got a 15. Which is plenty big, thank you.
Cost was an issue for me. The 17" was too expensive for what I primarily use my computer for (writing code and testing software). There're lot of laptops out there that have mediocre options and prices and the 15" represented the best of what I could afford. But I've had to get a 17" display and bluetooth keyboard in order to use the computer without straining my neck and back.
I got the 15 and an external monitor. The 15 is just the perfect laptop size in my opinion, when I need the extra space I sit at my desk with both the 15 inch screen and a 20 inch monitor.
I have a 12, but when i have money (and the x86 macs are out) i'll go for a 15" i think. i borrowed a friends 17" for a bit, and while MrNivit is right, when you open it up its great, when you are carrying it it seems too heavy and large. In particular, i also like to be able to carry machines in a bag that doesn't shout "mug me for my hugely expensive laptop", which is easy with a 12", doable with a 15" but a lot harder with a 17".