Pb Not Connecting to Wireless Network


I recently bought a new Powerbook and have been tring to connect it to my home network. I have to PC's on a wired connection to this router ( Belkin 802.11b >. I can set up the PB with a wired connection and it works fine. It will not detect a wireless network in the house. about a week proir to this i had 2 Pc laptops connected wireless to this router.
Running the latest editon of tiger with all the updates to the airport extreme.
thank you
Is your network secured with an encryption key? If so, then you need to include this information on the PowerBook when connecting to the wireless network.

Also make sure that the Airport card is enabled.
If you're running a "private" network, the base station won't broadcast the name of the network, and you need to enter it manually in your settings on the PowerBook.