Pb15" 1.5ghz Dvi to Lcdtv Problem


I have a brand new PB15" and I love it. I am learning quickly how to use it and it is quite a piece of hardware. I do have a problem connecting the PB to my new LCDTV (Zenith Z23LZ5R) via DVI. I tested the PB DVI connection with a regular monitor (15" Dell LCD) and it worked fine. However, when I connect it via DVI to the TV (and set the channel to the PC setting) I get no picture.

The PB sees the connection, and the TV flashes a notice that DPM has started, but no picture. If I open:

System Preferences -> Display

and I "Gather Windows" I get the Zenith Window so I can change settings. I've tried all the Zenith recommened display settings but nothing. If I disconnect the cable, the Zenith says "No Signal" so the TV knew it was connected as well.

Any suggestions on what to try next. Your help greatly appreciated.


As an aside, I was an early Mac user. I typed my dissertation on a Mac512, the first computer I ever owned. I bought a NeXT slab when they first came out, but when NeXT died I gave up on Apple/Jobs. Good to be back!
Have you tried seting your TV to Video In (the one that is corresponding to DVI-in connection) I could be your TV's PC mode that is causing the problem.
I have tried going through all the modes on the LCDTV and nothing.

When in PC mode, the system "sees" it but immediately goes into DPM mode. No picture. Really irritating. Any help appreciated.

What kind of connections does your LCDTV support? Cinch? Scart? DVI? VGA?
Remember this: your powerbook has two video-out sources. One is your DVI and you also have S-Video out. For the S-Video out you have an adapter bundled which has a cinch ending. Try that too, if you haven't done this before. Good luck!
The TV supports "DVI-Analog" on the DVI and S-video. I did try connecting the S-video but the picture was just terrible. Didn't investigate that much more as I was really hoping to use the DVI. Presently the TV is connected to a satellite receiver via S-video, didn't want to have to share the connection.

I am honestly not terribly up on "cinch" or "scart" (though I looked them up on wikipedia). Doesn't look like either applies but here is a link to the spec sheet for the TV (tried to upload, too big).


Again, thanks for any help.