PC disks and file extension mapping.


I have found that PC files (even with appropriate dot extensions - .doc, .txt...) on mounted zip disks are not assigned to an application (i.e. generic icons). I've also noticed that classic apps seem unaware of PC formatted zip disks (they don't appear in Open/Save dialogs in classic apps). Is an additional driver from Iomega required? Does OS X ignore the resource.frk data on the disk? Does the file dot extension database need updating?

BTW: Files seem to be fine if they are on a Mac formatted zip. Disk show-up in the classic app open/save etc, dot extensions map ok. In fact, for files with no creator code / type resources, changing the extension on a Mac volume will reassociate the file with the default app for that extension. This doesn't work on a PC volume.

On a related topic, what file stores the default file extension mappings under OS X? Is there a GUI editor for this? It seems that things SHOULD be easier on a Mac.

Config: G4 400 AGP @ 250 mb running OS 10.1

I have noticed that if I get a blank icon, I can still double-click a document and have it open in the correct application without prompting me which application to open it in. Have you tried double-clicking the phantom icon documents?