PC/Mac Illustrator file differences


Good day...

We're a small graphics company using both Macs and PCs (OSX 10.3 & Win2K).

Most (but not all) art is created on a Mac and RIPped to the printers on PC. We have noticed that .eps files don't always appear the same on the two systems. For example, it is not uncommon that an object which shows at the front of the illustration on the Mac will be behind some other object when the file is viewed in Illustrator on the PC. Both systems running AI 10.0.3.

Also, files created on the PC and opened on the Mac often have one or more layers turned off, although all layers were visible when the file was saved on the PC.

It should be noted that most files are saved out to a network shared drive on a WinNT4 server.

What's up with this? I would expect the on-screen rendering to be the same between both systems.

Thanks in advance for your insight...