pc, mac, pci


With the arrival of OSX I am considering buying a g4 mini tower to replace my ageing pentium desktop. However, I love my hauppauge tv card, it has served me well and I would hate to buy another card (parting with money tends to make me ill). I have read how it can be used under FreeBSB on PCs. Linux comes with built in support for it.
I know nothing of PCI standards and wonder if it is possible to install this hauppauge card in a mini tower.
Is PCI in Mac the same as a PC, and is source code transportable across the different platforms?

help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

PCI is certainly the same, but I'm guessing you had some special software for TV tuning and what-not, so you may be out of luck there.

Do you know anyone with a G4 that you could try it out ahead of time?

thank you for your interest and advice
I also use Hauppauge usb live on my Thinkpad. you could say it is witht his experience that i would urge anyone not to consider usb for video grabs other than small images such as vidmail and still grabs. The limited bandwidh is defintley limited. cd burners and slow access to hard drives. All of which I attach to the Thinkpad

My Thinkpad had a pc card port whch is why i choose it over a coloured Ibook, at the time they only had usb.

Hopefully, I will be happy with a Mini Tower.

Again, thank you for your interest.