PC network URLs to Mac clickable link?


I have several mac users on a corporate Windows network, including myself. Links are always sent around via email, some of them are of the format


and sometimes


Is there any way to convert these to clickable links for Macs that will take you to the correct file/folder?


What happens when you click on a link in your emails will be dictated by how the email client itself handles the action. If you're using something like Entourage you could probably script an action to do something close to what you need e.g. highlight the link (rather than click on it) then go to the "Script" menu and choose "Connect to Server". In Entourage at least, scripts are also available from the contextual menu (i.e. a right-click on a PC).

This script would need to be installed on each of your Macs, so this approach obviously has it's limitations - I think the problem is that any links you put in an email would be assumed by the email client to be a web link.