PCI USB on beige G3 supported?


Does anyone know if I'll be able to use my USB keyboard with my beige G3? I'd rather not have to switch back to ADB. Mostly because I'm using a KVM switch with other USB capable systems.

Bertram Joseph
I would think that Keyspan (or whoever makes your USB card) would have to write an OSX driver for their card. I'd be surprised if OSX looked for and had drivers to enable a PCI/USB card. Even though the drivers would be present in the classic environment, I doubt the classic environment communicates directly with hardware, thus an OSX driver would need to be in place to "show" the USB card to the classic box's driver...

Did that make sense? *cough*
Until the thrid pary companies develop drivers, the short answer is no. However, they may work in the Classic environment.
I will eat crow. I have a keyspan USB card for my Beige and it works WITHOUT any drivers in OS X. Not only this, my 2 button mouse (MacAlly iSweetNet) works witht he second button, without any drivers. Woohoo!!!!
B&W G3 w/ additonal XLR8 Dual-Port USB PCI (used for printer and USB modem), have ADB Apple LCD, ADB keyboard as well as USB keyboard. The USB modem works fine under X but has to use Hayes rather than SupraExpress V.90 script which might help. And, USB Lexmark laser printer works w/o doing anything. Glad I don't have to worry about Epson drivers, had one, got rid of the thing.