PCMCIA Cards not mounting?

Steve Torrence

I have a 500MHz G3 powerbook and installed OSX over OS9.0.4 and so far it's running very stable but slow. My question is how can I mount my PCMCIA card which has the little flash card in it from my nikon camera.
I have a farallon 10/100 e-net card, but it doesn't function in X or classic under X, but it worked great in ol' fashion 9.

I guess my question is - Who am I waiting for for PCMCIA support, Apple or the 3rd party card manufacturers?

Also, is there anyone who's gotten a PCMCIA card to work with X, or maybe even LinuxPPC?

It doesn't even look like the card slots are getting power.

I think it has to come from apple - my card requires no software or installation of any kind, just put in in there and it shows up (it is a smartmedia pc card) on the desktop in 8.6 ... it would be nice to be able to do that with OS X, maybe the final release...
I too am in pcmcia problem land. My PB didn't come with a built-in modem so I use a pcmcia modem.
OS X doesn't seem to have the drivers to support pcmcia cards yet, and nobody seems to know anything about it.
The slots are getting power I think, well, at least OS X knows they're there. You can see this by opening the System Profiler, the two pc card slots (or one) are shown in the devices and volumes tab.

Seems we're waiting on Apple, I hope we don't have to wait 'till the final to get pcmcia support.
Update -
I just checked the Farallon site. It's gone. It's some new site, with no new osx driver for my e-net card. WTF?? I bought this card just over a year ago!