Pcmcia Os X 10.2.8



I'm trying to find a compatible wireless card other than Airport that will work in my wifes' Pismo PowerBook running Jaquar 10.2.8 (Build 6R73) I have a Biege G3 that's been Upgraded to a G4 and that's connected to a NetGear 54 MBPS Wireless Router and that works Fine....We have the Pismo also connected to this router and it works fine.....We would like to go wireless for the Pismo so she can move anywher in the house. Would an Apple Airport card work with the NetGear 54 MBPS Wireless Router or do I have to get a PC card to put into the Pismo's PCMCIA slot?

If I have to get a PC Card which ones are compatible with OS X 10.2.8 ? I tried looking on Apples site for this inf but I seem to get quicker responses and more reliable info from your site.

The main problem seems to be the drivers for these "other than airport cards"....they don't have any for Mac...

Also does the Pismo have a built in antenna for wireless?

Thanks, this is a very useful site;

Steve LaCouter