PDA OSX Exchange Server Compatibility Treo/Blackberry?


I use an Apple Powerbook G4 iApps at home and am currently in the process of joining a PC/Exchange based office using Blackberries. I need to determine which is the best PDA/Phone combo for me. What is the best scenario for me?

Cingular as service provider

-work: Exchange Server 2000 (Enterprise available)
-personal: IMAP / POP3 account (a plus, not required)

-work: Exchange, Outlook
-personal: Apple iCal

-work: Exchange
-personal: Apple Address Book (is it possible to download the Exchange contacts to my personal Address Book and sync w/ PDA?)

Cross-platform Compatibility & Integration
-work: PC, Exchange, Outlook
-personal: Apple Powerbook G4, OSX Tiger, Mail, iCal, Address Book

AVAILABLE 3RD-PARTY SOFTWARE (possible solutions)
-PocketMac http://www.pocketmac.net/products/pmblackberry/
-SyncAgain http://www.epicad.com/syncagain/index.htm

Treo 650
-Chattermail "true push email" w/o Enterprise, may interrupt phone service. http://www.chatteremail.com/
-MissingSync for organizer (might not get Exchange info) http://www.missingsync.com/missingsync_palmos.php

Mac to Exchange (a plus if I could just use my Apple laptop at work)
-AddressX and Groupcal (Tiger beta in Oct) http://www.snerdware.com/

Which PDA is the best for me?
Can PDA keep my work and personal computers synchronized?
Would it be easier to use my Apple at work instead of using a PC? (How is this possible?)

Thanks for any advice you have.