PDA Woes - Syncing & Crashing


Hello all,

These few cases of weirdness just started happening recently.

- Syncing never completes...

When I synch my PalmOS PDA with MacOSX, it syncs and syncs and never completes. Eventually the PDA gives me an error, and the hotsync conduit and isync software still appear to be doing the syncing operation.

Btw, it's getting stuck while syncing the datebook! Maybe some bad data got in there somehow?

- Crash on PDA Search

When search my PDA, I always get a fatal error and crazy when it passes over one particular lin in the DB though.

Has anyone see anything like this before?

THanks for any help
Is the PDA iSync compatible? From what you've indicated you may have a corrupt DB which would prevent it from syncing properly, iSync probably just hangs on that one line trying to read that erroneous data before it gives up.