Pdc Problem


I'm new to OSX Server and am considering it for a larger deployment after testing. So, patience please.

During install I make the selection to have OSX be an Open Directory Master as well as a Primary Domain Controller. After installation, however, these settings revert to other defaults. So, after I make OSX a Directory Master again, I try to make it a PDC, but I recieve the following error message: "Error while writing settings (Cannot make this server a Windows Primary Domain Controller). That's it. The settings revert. How do I fix this problem?



I had the same problem. I resolved it by making sure that the DNS settings were correct first.
Follow the basic instructions for setting up a DNS zone in the manual, the example setup guide is a great example to follow.

This error seems to occur if DNS is not set

create zone
Zone transfers must be OFF
name the server
server.example.com and make sure the IP address is the same as the servers (must be static IP)
The name server should appear in the bottom window with a trailing .
eg: server.example.com.
save and start the service

Open terminal and type:
host server.example.com
you should see the IP resolved

host xxx.xxx.xx.xx (your server IP
That should resolve as server.example.com

Then try the OD Master and PDC

note: typing this from memory but it should work OK

Then you can add machines to the zone


etc.. all with their own static IP's if you want

In XP use the wizard in "my computer properties" to join the domain using the name you gave it in the PDC settings. You will need to use diradmin/password to allow that PC to join the domain

Hope this helps a bit, if I was at the server now I could be more exact but you will get the picture

Note2: This is for 10.4.x Tiger Server