PearPC (PowerPC to Intel converter) screenshots


Hi all.

Have been messing around with my PC to make it run MacOS using the open source PearPC emulator. I primarly installed it to have a loot at XCode as I want to programme in Objective-C.

Have a look at the screenshot, it's screaming with that 57MHz bus!


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Yeah it is slow but stable. It isn't unusable by any means.

To make it live for you imagine.... fast an old beige G3 would run Pather and then make it run on 16 Mb of RAM whilst, in the background, calculating pi to 10 billion decimal places - about that fast!
That's disgusting!


Somebody start a collection to get this guy some hardware!!!!!! (Kidding!)
I think there are going to be a lot of happy nerds when Apple finally starts offering refurbished Mini's.