Peint Center On Osx 10.3.9



I lost my Print Center..
I used Pacifist to try to reinstall it mention on a forum..after download on my desktop..I try to put it in my folder Application/utilities..I have a message saying Print center cannot be replaced because it is invisible....
What should I do ????
I tried to find my Terminal in cd /Applications/Utilities to do Is -al
but he only terminal that I can find by making a search ( because it is hidden) is in HD/Previous Systems/Previous System1/ Utilities/Terminal...than:ls -a
Answerd Is: ls -a: No such file or directory..

Original system was 10.0.4.Could it be that when I reinstalled the system 10.3.9 something was missing??

Do I have to reinstall again?? ;-)

Tks for U support!



Tks BoB !

It worked ..but the print center(hidden) was icon .when I click on it.. cant find the original...
So I put it in trash ..than drop in utilities the newly extract print center from C.D.
I click and nothing happen.......????????
Still cant see it when I print!

would u have any idears about what I should do?