perfect OS


hi all,
in response to the discussion about whether OS X should port to Intel-land, someone said they hadn't seen the perfect OS... it made me think - everyone is just arguing about whether this OS or that OS is better or worse without discussing what an OS could or should be...

for instance - have modern OS's lost sight of what they were originally for...? do they still make us do things that we shouldn't have to do simply because they are functions which have always been present in them? what is your dream OS? should it need a GUI? are ideal OS's different for everyone, and so any OS will be a compromise? why can't an OS simply allow you to do things without having to make all the esoteric actions of pointing and clicking on words and pictures?

what do you think?
perfect OS ???
What do they use in the Enterprise E ?
I'll have one of those with a whole buch of isolinear chrystals :D (with data core intact!)

The solution is to make it customizable. Mac OS X, even in the early stages, is very customizable. Hell, you can boot into console and just use the Darwin command line if you don't want a GUI.

Mac OS X is the best thing I've ever seen. If this OS does not succeed, we can pretty much give up hope on having a good OS. In that case, I'll turn into a total Unix geek... which I'm already becoming now with BSD commands a click away :)