Performa 637CD


Brand New! Just kidding. It was new in 1994. My first mac. Its been in my closet since I bought one of the first beige G3s. I really have no idea what one of these would be worth nowadays, or why anyone would want one but if you're interested,

Specs (as far as I can remember):
68LC040 33/66Mhz
8MB Ram
350MB HD (Probably the most useful component. Might make a good swap drive for OSX, although its probably 5400rpm or less)
ADB keyboard and mouse
CD-ROM drive... 2x? Hey, it still plays audio CDs
That low ??? :p
In that case I wont sell MY Performa 635CD (also my first computer ever) ... I will just make a project out of it... maybe complete reformat.... (salvage a few old files).... and canibalize it's parts lol...hmmmm how does a Performa mosaic sound ??? ;) Its cenerpiece will be a 68040 processor w/o FPU lol :p
I have a 638CD (my first Mac I bought with my own $$) that I plan to 'restore' one of these days - reformat, reinstall from the system restore cd - generally bring it back to the way it was the day I feverishly unpacked it from its box.

Everyone needs a hobby :)
My dad got our first mac: a Macintosh Plus... and it went to college with me in 92 (I was envious of all those LC owners).

My dad seems to be a collecter of macs. Although we don't have the Mac+ anymore, we still have the SE/30, 7100, 7500, 9500, iMac 266, iMac SE 500, 9600.

I seem to follow in his footsteps with a Performa 6xxCD/DOS, a 840AV, Performa 6400, 8500, & G4 400 AGP. I also have a 2 133mhz Pentiums, a 300mhz K6-2, a 500 & 750 Slot-A Athlon, and a 700 Duron. Of course, all my computers are at the Internet Cafe that my wife runs.