Permission to File Share


Hi there -

I am running Mac OS10.3.9 on a network of macs and pc servers.
We work in the graphic design field and we have to share files back and forth with editors and production people etc.

Whenever we share files, the person who gets the file has to get info on the file and then change the permission. This is anoying to my coworkers. Plus we have had the occasion that you start working on a file and then cant save over it and have to save as - thus creating multipul copies of files. A pain!

We mostly share mac to mac with the public folder - which i have changed the permissions on to be open to anyone on the network. (obviously we aren't really worried about security here)

Anyway my question is... is there a way to make it so that files put into a folder or saved to a different machine would automatically become owned by the person using the file without having to manually change permissions? OS 9 sure made file sharing easy - OS X is great but this little feature is a pain - especally when you have 50 files to change - and the apply to all button never works....

I need a solution for the end user aka. non-unix mac person. Is there a GUi solution?

thanks so much for anything!