Personal Web Sharing Headache


Panther 10.3.9, G5

For some insane reason, I can't get this to work right.

Turned on and clicked all the dohickeys and boxes your suppose to. "http://myurl/" sees the index.html, and any other html docs. It DOESN'T see any files in those directories nor any I try to link to on the computer. I've tried a plethora of paths to get it to see ANYTHING but it doesn't. What retarded thing am I doing or simple thing I haven't done to make it act the way it suppose to. I was tempted to make a site in GoLive and stick it in Sites and see if that structure would have been recognized, but it seems that it should be simpler than that - a plug and play situation.

Any help is appreciated.
Hey, nevermind, the thing started working. I don't know why or how. Just started working.

You coulda knocked me over with a feather attached to a brick.