pgp disc or other security software


Hi there,
does anyone know if there will be a version of PGP Disc for Mac OSX or if there is another program to use virtual discs under MAC OSX. We maintain a high security level here so I wonder if there is a software to protect data under Mac OS X safely.

I think that security will be lax now with what has happened :(

I read that the US govt doesnt want unbreakable codes for private individuals or close to unbreakable.... so they want us to not encrypt our files and mails any more....

I still have myrights to privacy no matter what an I give a big FINGER to all who sya they want to read my provate files/mails :mad:

I know that there is PGPDisk 6.02 for MacOS. I presume this is for 8/9, but have you tried running it under Classic Mode? Also, i know that there is a commercial version of PGPDisk (v 6.5), that is available....

There is also a GNU effort for PGP, take a look @ - they might have some answers...

... i got all of this info from the International PGP site (i'm in the UK here)