"Phantom" drive image


Hey there, I've been having some user account problems lately. (10.7.4, early 2009 Mac Pro). The computer got suddenly powered down by an outage, and when I tried to log back into my account, it had lost my home folder, which resides on a separate drive ("Home") from the system drive. When I tried to switch it back over in the Users & Groups pref pane, it turned out a weird folder, now called "Home", had shown up in the Volumes list, and my original home link had been renamed "Home 1". This folder is not visible anywhere else in the finder as far as I can tell, nor does it show up in with the diskutil list command in the Terminal.

I was finally able to access my home folder after a couple of restarts, which still shows up as "Home 1", but I'd really like to get this fake "usurper" folder off of my computer. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I've had this happen with some FTP programs or something a while ago downloading to an external HD/Volume that was not turned on, so it would create a sort of "Virtual Disk". It usually went away on restarts though, at least if I deleted everything on it. Well, first off I would make sure to rename "Home 1" back to "Home" otherwise you may continue to have this problem. I never really got it to go away permanently, my solution was to make sure no more programs were trying to communicate with the "Phantom drive". That way it wouldn't be inclined to show up again.

Hope dat helps.