Photo Booth and Front Row for all?


I have a G4 iMac and an iSight... Does anyone know if Apple are going to make Photo Booth, and Front Row available without having to resort to buying a new G5 iMac?

Would the G4 not be able to run Front Row (Graphic card issues?)

They are going to sell the remote, but do not mention the software.




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As far as I have seen from Apple, this will only work nowwith the new iMac. It's possible that future Macs would have this ability (even without the iSight since the Mac mini would make a nice digital media hub when connected to a plasma or LCD HDTV), but that's just speculation off of the top of my head. :p

As for older Macs, unless it's an aftermarket add-on from third parties, I don't see this working on older Macs. And even if these options were available, it would only be for the faster Macs (possibly those that have the latest G4s and all the G5 machines). And yes, the vidcards would have to support stuff like Core Image and other features to handle the effects and the like.


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FrontRow may be linked to the screen !

iMac or Apple screen.

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aound the built in iSight is an infra-red sensor.

your computer would have to have that infre-red receiver to use the rmote, and the software, and apple just isn't going to do that at the moment, certainly. it's a way of selling imacs. damn good one too. i was temtped.


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I have the 17" 2 GHz model before this new one. To be honest, even after watching the video from Apple about the event I didn't covet the new iMac. I'm still in love with mine. :p It is a cool feature though, and like I said I wouldn't doubt if the mini somehow had this feature added in the future, as it would make a great media accessory to the digital home entertainment environment.


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It can't....not yet anyways...

We might see something like that with the x86 version of the Mac mini or even with the newer G4 CPUs coming from Freescale. It would have to be on a newer Mac only since they would probably have to integrate an IR controller into it as well as TV out.

Again, this is just speculation in my head. :p