Photo Printing software?

Paul C

I have just bought a HP Photosmart printer, it's great and prints out from iphoto but I don't know how to put 2 pics on one piece of A4 paper, their website shows you how to do it really easily with their free software provided with the printer but as usual it's only for Windows.

Help please guys :(


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You should have the functionality built-into the driver, you just have to search through your printing preferences menu options.

For it to work, you need to have the photos as a multi page document (each a full page in Word or such), then use the driver settings/options to print 2-up (2 pages on one). Not the best solution if you have specific requirements for size and such.

Better option, if you have access to a program like InDesign, is to manually place them on a A4 document and then print as normal. You could do this in Photoshop as well.


If you want to print two pictures on the same page from iPhoto select them both (I usually use command-click) so the have the little blue border then select print. That will then put them on the same page provided they will fit.

When printing several pictures I find it easiest to make an album (I have one called "print me") specifically for printing. I put all the pictures there that I want to print and them just print the album. This also gives me some extra control over the situation where I want to print 3 copies of picture of the kids and one of the dog and have them all end up on one page.