Photos open when selected


In Finder, I'm having trouble with photos opening when selected. If I use Cmd + click or if I select several with click + (shift+click). All of the photos will open and have to be closed before I can move a group of photos to a different folder. Being in the process of organizing about 6,000 photos, this is highly irritating.

I have tried changing the speed of my mouse click in System Preferences, and thought I had it fixed, but it has now started up again. I was told that Macs required a double click to open photos, but that doesn't seem to be the case for me.

If it is relevant to my problem, I recently had to get a new HD due to a recall of HDs on computers purchased last June, which mine was and then did a complete re-install from the disks that came with my computer. This problem started with the new HD.

Mac OS X 10.6.8

Thanks for any help.


Is this apple's "iPhoto", if so, try trashing your iPhoto preferences ( in library ) go to menu bar at top of desk top, hold down "opt" key and select library in drop down menu. Then go to preferences and drag iPhoto prefs to trash and new one will be created.
This may do the trick. Good luck


No, I don't use iPhoto. I'm using Finder trying to get my photos ready for Photoshop Elements Organizer. I find photos very hard to delete and move in both iPhoto and Elements. I therefore am moving them in Finder before allowing Organizer to catalog them, but keep having this problem of their opening in Preview every time I select them.