Photos Places

John Varela

Photos Version 3.0, the one that comes with High Sierra, fixes one of the major problems with earlier versions, which was that is sorted photos according to date of file creation rather than date when the photo was taken. That made a mess of scans from negatives and slides, which would be sorted decades or even a century out of place. Version 3.0 also lets you use an external editor. In fact, it gives the option of using any external editor you have on your machine, and it integrates better than iPhoto did, so that's good.

All that being so, I decided to bite the bullet and make the conversion from iPhoto to Photos even though there remain deficiencies in Photos. The deficiency I want to talk about today is the crummy way that Photos deals with Places data from the iPhoto library.

I have 12,000 photos in my iPhoto ==> Photos library. Most of them are assigned places. These are sometimes generic place names, such as a city, and sometimes very specific such as a street address or a particular Little League ball park.

I need to distinguish between the actual location of the pin, and the label given that pin. For example. I had a pin stuck in the Mississippi River at New Orleans. I used it in iPhoto as a generic "New Orleans" location for photos whose exact location is unknown, some dating back over a century. In iPhoto I titled that pin as "New Orleans" and that's how it was labeled in the pictures' Info in iPhoto. In Photos, all those pictures are labeled according to the actual pin location, in the Mississippi River. Moving that pin to a position on land would not help, because Photos would label it as Central Business District or Jackson Square or wherever I had put it, instead of just "somewhere in the city".

This is annoying as hell. And I can't find any way to override Photos's choice of location label. The wretched Photos help file is useless. Does anyone here know a way to override Photos's labels of places?