Photoshop 7b1 beta is here!


photoshop 7b1 has been released! im a beta tester for Adobe and last night GMT i got the beta for photoshop 7b1, natively run under 10.1.
i havent had a real chance to look at it yet but its damn fast! opening a 40mb file on a G4 400/960mb took only 6secs!! the interface loks much the same, if anything it looks carbonised although it isn't. hopefully (like office) it will look more native for the final release.
goods news too, classic filters appear to work in native!
gotto get back to it, if anyone else has it and has found anything new let me know.
Hope it comes before year end.....

I now have to boot back to 9.2 to use yeah....FCP too... :(
Hmm... I don't understand some comments here. Photoshop 6.01 runs quite okay in Classic, so there's no need to reboot in 9.

The newer betas of InDesign 2 and Illustrator 10 look fine on Mac OS 10.1, so I guess Photoshop should be fine, too.

Until they release public versions, just stick with the latest Classic versions. They work fine for now.

And buy RAM as long as it's cheap enough. Fill 'er up...
have you ever opened up photoshop in classic, then edit a 300+mb monster photoshop document? it's slow, it crashes, and above all, it's not ideal.

bring on adobe photoshop OS X native!

and the rest too:D
I can't wait for Photoshop X!!! I'm so happy! I can finally make avatars and sigs and junk!!! Yay!
Only problem is I still don't know if my work place will still give me the Photoshop CD as they once did for OS 9.
I really doubt that any of this is true. And with one comment that the guy made made it perfectly clear. There is no way that classic plug-ins would work in Photoshop in carbon. Why? Because they are built on two completely different platforms. Its the same reason why Internet Explorer won't diplay Windows Media within the browswer window, or Real Player within the window. Because they are not written for carbon. I won't believe until I see pictures.
why shouldn't plugins be able to work just fine in Carbon? ... Carbon is an API that relies very much on the APIs of Mac OS 8 (and later). It depends on how the plugins work, actually. Are they binaries of their own? I don't think so. They're using their own API provided by Photoshop.

Also why should you think Adobe was *not* developing Photoshop for OS 10? Illustrator and InDesign (as well as GoLive) have been demoed already publicly. Photoshop will just arrive a little later.

As to the comment about 300 meg files. Yep I didn't think of that. I'm mainly doing interface design recently, so I'm around small graphs. :)
I never said that Photoshop wasn't coming out on X. I just said that this guy is making all of this stuf up based on the fact that to tbe best of my knowledge, the plug-in would have to be re-written for carbon in order for them to be able to work with the carbon Photoshop X. I may have said that there isn't a beta version of Photoshop 7.0 out, and if I did imply that, it was based on the assumption that 6.5 would come out not 7. But I'm sure Adobe is making a version thats compatiable with 10, but, I doubt that its going to be able to interact with classic plugins.
I don't see why classic plugins for photoshop wouldn't work. The plugins are based on Adobe's API. There aren't really any system level functions called. Photoshop for X would probably be able to call the same plug-in functions as the classic ones.
Though I doubt this person has a beta, I will clear something up, plugin's that work on OS 9 will work on X.

Don't believe me? Wait and see.
In the VERY LEAST, plugins would have to have there interface tweaked to be Aquaized. We have all seen what hapens if you just Carbanize the code without fixing the GUI to the new Aqua guide lines...
Put me down for a vote of "fraud". I hope I'm wrong, and I haven't been on the "pre-release" servers in a while, so who knows. Still, my typical sources haven't said a peep, so I'm not convinced.

I say "Prove it!"
Brodie isn't necessarely lying. If he works for Adobe, he could very well be testing a build of Photoshop. This is very common in the software industry, all major software companies have entire departments devoted to finding and fixing bugs in their software. It might not be very safe to talk about what you are testing though ( NDA !!!), maybe brodie is just a bit loose liped :D

Brodie: Do you use a software called Coporate Time? I work for Steltor and apparantly Adobe is one of our major clients..
seeing is believing.

However, it would be very cool for adobe to smooth the transition for plug-in developers

They are one of the few development companies who could pull it off.

The Adobe graphics engines were made somewhat platform independent when they introduced the Windows versions.

they already have control over the mac interface in fine detail.

providing windows and widgets to Plugin API is their responibility. It would be the KPT type of plug-in which might have some difficulty as they also over-ride Adobe's guidelines.

Anyway, the basic host app might be Cocoa and still have support for Carbon-based plug-ins.

mostly plug-ins are about algoriths which are easily written in standard C without calling any system specific API.

You can continue to speculate

but ....

it is all speculation until some official Press release comes in the not too distant future

don't assume anything.