Photoshop CS crashing on G5/Tiger


I have just upgraded to Photoshop CS on a G5 dual processor and find it is often crashing when attempting Transform Scale or Rotate operations. I've done some of the sensible things like reducing RAM allocated to 70%, cache down to 4 but this has not cured the problem.

I have seen the hot thread on this from back in August 2004 but saw no clear solution. I wonder- is there any consensus now about the problem/solution? I have a "vanilla" set up- no third party fonts or other software loaded- just Tiger and CS.

I am desparate enough to wonder whether I should be trying to get an earlier version of Photoshop- but that would be abot of a heart-breaker.


Might be some help here. I have heard this before that Mac users are experiencing crashes with PS CS. Try the info on this site:

Also, have you tried trashing the adobe.plist file?
That may not be the EXACT wording, but it's close enough. Try dragging that file to the Trash, reboot the Mac, launch PS and try rotating a photo.

One last idea. The Adobe web site support forums. All kinds of useful info there... you might try that.

Carolyn :)


That's helpful- I have been around the Abobe forums and there do seem to be a number of sophisticated users (I am not one) who have found Photoshop CS on Tiger less stable and slower than Photoshop v 7 and to use much more RAM for the same operation. So I shall try the tips offered (mostly around RAM allocation and preferences) and see how things go.