Photoshop lover... it's time to breack the relationship...

This is what I have been trying to tell everyone, Adobe has no need for the Mac anymore, and specifically OS X because they would have to actually write new code instead of porting the crappy winblows code. What I think adobe doesn't realize is the potential of once they develop for OS X with a little fore planning they could delv into the whole *nix world where most would shun them maybe, but a lot of programmers I know would love to have illustrator and photoshop for Icons and interface development without having to have a dual boot system into mac or windows, so they are closing the doors on a whole new market. My prediction is at January macworld the only carbon app from adobe will still be acrobat and people will ask them where are the other apps and we will get one of two response:
1) There isn't enough support for OS X (yeah like the 125,000 people who ordered os X beta)

2) Due to financial restructuring they don't have the resources to develop for a first generation OS (Which we know is crap OS X code has been around for many years and they had a photoshop demo a few macworlds ago where is that now????)